Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Successful Tour d'Esprit Thanks to the Running Community

Haiti is a country that has long endured considerable suffering; however, 2010 had been especially cruel beginning with the calamitous earthquake in January. Since then, the people of Haiti have faced unimaginable tragedy. Medical needs have been greater than ever and the Memphis running community rose to the occasion with an outpouring of support at the 12th Annual Tour d’Esprit.
Record-breaking team Breakaway.
The 24-hour race, the main funding source for Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis, was thankfully very successful this year.  Numerous records were set on the course including the amazing 240 laps completed by the Breakaway Team. Participation records were also set as the number of teams increased from 23 in 2009 to 34; and the number of registrants grew from 784 to 975.
Immediately after the earthquake, Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis was one of the few medical organizations able to care for victims. The clinic doctors and nurses at the Holy Spirit Clinic in Croix des Bouquets continue to treat about 100 patients a day and are again on the frontline working to contain the cholera epidemic.  The rehabilitation hospital, opened in March of 2010, is an amazing one-of-a-kind facility where Haitians receive outpatient and inpatient physical and occupational therapy.
Tent city in Haiti.
 Memphis runners are a vital part of allowing Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis to continue to provide health care to the Haitian people free of charge. Since the earthquake, medical facilities are very sparse and the need for supplies and personnel at the facility has increased dramatically. Support at the 12th Annual Tour d’Esprit was desperately needed, especially in light of the recent cholera epidemic.
Runners camped out.
Planning for next year’s event September 29 - October 1 has already begun.  Race organizers are looking forward to even more runners competing in this fun-filled 24-hour family event. Mark your calendar for the 13th Annual Tour d’Esprit. Your participation supports the ongoing mission to give health and hope to the people of Haiti.

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